Accelerate your automation

Embed consistency and speed in your operations with powerful automation tools.

Time slot availability

Team availability

Equipment availability



On the day management

Run your day with an automated schedule. Add notes, bookings and events to create a single source of truth for your team.

Universal search

Automated calendar

Calendar notes

Deep and relevant data and insights

Consolidate your customer, staff and sales data onto one platform and track sales across channels.

Reporting codes

Customer insights

Sales reports

Product performance

Run multiple locations

Set up different locations, languages, currencies and teams.

Unlimited locations

Unlimited users



Dedicated support

Receive expert consultation and training to increase operational efficiency and improve your tech infrastructure.

Set up consultation

Set up and go live support

Sales reports

Dedicated account management

“ eola is, in short, exactly the online booking system every business needs. ”

“ It’s literally about five clicks and they’ve booked and paid. And it’s much easier for us to track everything “

“ Before eola, we were using a lot of spreadsheets, diaries, and just remembering stuff in people's heads “

Simple, clear pricing.
No hidden fees.

Tired of inflexible, overpriced tech?
We are here to change that.



Payment processing included

Unlimited bookings

Unlimited users

Unlimited locations

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